MDT is now listed on CoinBase!

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2 min readDec 9, 2021


Measurable Data Token (MDT) is on CoinBase and CoinBase Pro today!

As 2021 draws to an end, we are pleased to close the year with a significant milestone!

CoinBase operates one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and holds funds for 73m retail customers, and is also a Y Combinator alumni as we are.

“When MDT was starting, exactly this time four years ago, we envisioned a future where data monetization is ubiquitous for everyone. Today we are already working steadfastly to propel this mission with a number of exciting projects that will help people take ownership and capitalize on their data. Meanwhile data providers and buyers can exchange data securely,” says Heatherm Huang, co-founder of MDT.

In 2021, other milestones for the team include launching RewardMe, world’s most effortless cashback app whereby users get rewarded automatically for their daily purchases in crypto. The team also pioneered and launched MeFi, a blockchain oracle which bridges financial market data with DeFi. Measurable AI, MDT’s alternative data analytics branch also became the largest e-receipts data panel in the emerging markets which exceeds 1.6 million users and extends across 22 countries.

All of these milestones are possible because of every single user in the MDT ecosystem!

Thanks for joining us in this journey!

*Legal Disclosure: from time to time we will engage in transactions of our own tokens.

MDT currently is listed on Binance, OKEx, Bitterex, Poloniex, and DigiFinex. Join the MDT community on telegram here. Read more about MDT on